Studio & Property

My in-home studio is located in the Reston/Great Falls area.  It is in a light-filled loft in our home. There are two main areas of the studio–one quiet (and very toasty) area dedicated to newborn studio sessions, and one open/sitting area where backdrops/floordrops/props are used.  I prefer to schedule family sessions outdoors whenever possible, as the indoor studio can only accommodate a few people at a time. Our home sits on a quiet lot with an abundance of trees surrounded by a wooden fence that makes for wonderful outdoor shots any time of the year. When shooting outdoors, timing is very important.  Outdoor sessions are scheduled early in the morning, or in the evenings (about an hour or so before sunset) in order to take advantage of the best lighting.

Over the years I have acquired many props such as; professional lighting, baskets and a posing beanbag for newborn sessions, blanket and backdrop stands, vinyl floordrops and backdrops to mimic rustic wooden floors, brick walls, etc; an array of blankets, hats, headbands, wraps, banners, cake stands, wooden letters and numbers, classic children’s toys and books, chairs, benches, stools; etc.